After finishing my bachelor in Linguistics, I enrolled in the Applied Linguistics master. All courses in this master are in English (as is the case in most Linguistics masters in Groningen). The main focus of this master is learning a second language, and especially in education. What is the best method for teaching a student a foreign language?

The first semester is mainly focused on theory, but you also get to bring this theory to practice by doing your own research and writing papers about your research. The courses Theory of 2nd Language Development and Teaching Methodology/2nd Language Development are about learning a foreign language. During the first semester, in the courses Research Methodology and Essential Statistics, you’ll learn about statistics as well. You learn how to process statistical data (in R) and again write a paper. I really liked the Essential Statistics course, because this class really teaches you the basics of statistics.

In the second semester, you will be writing a thesis. There is also the possibility of doing an internship, or the course Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL). You could also enroll in a course of another master of Linguistics, for example Language Variation in Europe, which is part of the European Linguistics master.

I really liked how close you become with your fellow students and teachers. For example, before the start of the academic year, we were invited over at a teacher’s house to eat pizza together. This is very different from the bachelor. My fellow students were from a lot of different countries all over the world, for instance Spain, the UK and the US.

Leonie van der Land